Hydrogen ORP

Hydrogen water beauty moisturizer 
characteristics of hydrogen water Beauty Moisturizer 
** generating 500-800 ppb around Hydrogen water 
** 5 Nono grade ultra -fine particles of hydrogen water 
** using 100 times by 1 time charging 
** magnet cap for massage 

model : GE -200R 

*43*35*150 mm 
ORP : -250 to -400 mV 
* working for 30 seconds by one touch 
* using 100 times by recharging 2 hour 

the 5 Nono hydrogen water is 1/5000 size water more smaller than the size of pore , and it removes wastes in the pore and induces the pore contraction.
moreover , the hydrogen water have rich hydrogen das reducing actives Oxygen , which is the main reason of aging and induces anti -wrinkle .

Whitening Effect 
the tyrosinase enzyme making a melanin pigment is made by active oxygen. yhe hydrogen water to high density 800 ppd by Esteau R neutralizes the free redicals and turns into water . As a result, the melanin pigment is decreased , and whitening effect is maximized

Rm 899