30. Jun, 2017

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Cellular Energy Activator
The AMAZING Healthier Water
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Live Blood Cells Analysis of MRET Water Effect
on Morphology of Red Blood Cells
The live blood cells analysis was conducted at Health Manna Pte. Ltd., Singapore in compliance with the standard methodology. The tested subjects were verified not to ingest MRET activated water for the last 24 hours. Drops of blood samples were taken from the fingertip of the subject before he ingested MRET water and 20 minutes after the ingestion of a glass of MRET water. The blood samples were placed on a specimen slide in a series of layers. After the layers dried they were observed under the microscope.
The comparison of the images with control ones indicated that the ingestion of MRET water substantially improved the morphology of Red Blood Cells. The images of blood sample of subjects before the ingestion of MRET water show the patterns of Rouleau formations (cells are stacked forming worm-like pattern) which usually correspond to the symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath, and poor blood circulation because red blood cells cannot carry enough oxygen. The images of blood samples of subjects in 20 minutes after the ingestion of MRET water show immediate restoration of Red Blood Cells morphology