10. Apr, 2017


Know Your Water.
1. Water Purity
A “pure” water basically means water without the presence of any solutes (minerals or salts) This can be tested using a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter. The higher the reading, the more solutes it has in the water.
2. Oxidative- Reductive Potential (ORP)
ORP predicts the ability of a solution to act as an oxidant or an anti oxidant. A positive reading shows that the solution is an oxidant whereas a negative reading shows that the solution is an ant- oxidant. This can be tested using an ORP meter. The readings merely predicts the level of all oxidants/ anti- oxidants in the water, and not specifically the level of hydrogen gas in the water.
3. pH level
The pH level indicates the amount of hydrogen ions present in the water. The higher the hydrogen ions presented, the more acidic the solution will be. pH levels can be estimated using pH paper, where the pH will be estimated by the colour change of the paper (red being the most acidic, purple being the most alkaline, and green being neutral).
4. Hydrogen gas content
The level of hydrogen gas in water can be measured using a hydrogen meter. It is important to know the amount of hydrogen gas that you are taking in, as research has shown that healing effects will only happen if you are taking consistently at least 1.5L - 2L of hydrogen- rich water that has a hydrogen level of 0.7 ppm/ 700 ppm and above.
At IDROGEN, we strongly believe in “one TRUE measurement beats a thousand opinion”, all these 4 equipments are available in our office.
Feel free to contact us to book an appointment to have your water measured. Remember, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t believe it”.